Our Process

First time buyer, limited credit welcome

It is like Lending tree for Cars

Buying a new car can be a real hassle. Hours of internet research, phone calls, emails and multiple visits to dealers, and in the end, how can you be sure you got the best deal if all of your information came from websites that work for the dealers. At Wholesale Auto Liquidators, we work exclusively for buyers. When it comes to good advice, you get what you pay for. Our professional car buyers use industry tools and inside information to find you the absolute best deal on a new or used car.
In addition to getting you top dollar for your trade, hiring us as your Buyers’ Agent will insure that you save at least $1,500 on your next vehicle purchase or lease. Thanks to our “Save Five times your FEE or it’s Free guarantee” you can have the peace of mind and benefits of professional representation without any risk.
Please note we will not accept your fee to contract us unless you have first completed the pre-approval process. This allows us to focus our efforts on serious, qualified buyers to provide them with the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost.


Our business model revolves around one simple concept. We work for you and not the dealer. Car salespeople who work on commission for the dealership spend hundreds of hours per month quoting deals to unqualified clients. They send lowball offers and say or try anything possible to get the client into the showroom. Once there, experience has shown them that by wearing them down, one out of ten will buy a car.

This flawed business model requires that the salesman will have to make enough money on that one deal to make up for all of the time he wasted with the other nine. By prequalifying our prospects before we engage we are reducing the cost for every client we represent by up to 90%.


STEP 2 - Contracting Our Services

Once you have completed your prequalification process and selected your vehicle, you will be required to pay our $299 retainer fee before we begin working on your transaction.

Requiring this commitment fee allows us to further eliminate wasted time that would increase cost to our end clients. It allows us to concentrate our efforts on working only for serious buyers who understand our model and are ready to buy.  Remember, anyone who says they will do this kind of work for free is beholden to the dealership for their income and will not have your best interest at heart. They will issue 10 free quotes to close one deal and if you happen to be that deal they will have to make more to recoup the time they wasted on everyone else.

You would not buy a house without a realtor or lawyer and you should not buy a car without a Professional Buyers’ Agent by your side.



STEP 3 - Dealers Compete for your business!

Once engaged, your professional buyer’s agent will employ industry tools to locate your vehicle at numerous dealerships and identify any dealer or factory incentives, rebates or special pricing/financing offers that may apply to your chosen vehicle.

We then help you arrange for a free independent 3rd party vehicle valuation to insure you receive top dollar for your trade.  Lastly, your pre-qualified profile and vehicle valuation is presented as an offer package to the fleet department at various dealerships that have your desired vehicle.

Because they understand our multi-bid system dealers know that they only have one chance to get our order and thus offer us their rock bottom price every-time. We will then present you with the winning bid and walk you through the process by the hand to acquire your vehicle.